Dear dream
Today, I strode into the human resources department. I was going to quit my job to pursue my dream of being a writer. The company did not want to lose me, so I was offered a promotion and a 25% raise. Excited, I accepted. I had sold my dream for a bit of responsibility and some extra cash. This did not bother me one bit.
Dear my brand-new bed
Today, my brand-new bed was delivered. My old bed was so uncomfortable. Such was my hate for it, that I destroyed it in the garden this morning. I chopped it up into small pieces and burned it in a blazing bonfire. It is now the evening, and I am lying in my new bed. Regret has filled me. This bed is even worse than the previous one. I really wish that I hadn’t destroyed it now.
Dear homeless man
Today, I walked down a busy street and witnessed a homeless man dancing. He was clearly drunk, and not in touch with reality. That said, he was having fun. So, I started to dance with him. Within a few minutes, we had more dancing companions. It did not take much longer for the whole town to start moving their feet.
Dear John
Today, I snuck out of my house and met John at the local supermarket. After it had closed, we took it in turns to sit in a shopping trolley, while we pushed each other through the supermarket car park at breakneck speeds. It was childish, but we had never felt so alive.
Dear dog
Today, I am filled with regret. I bought a dog in my late twenties. I vowed to look after him and walk him every day. As life got more and more busy, I worked harder and harder, and the dog became less of a priory. He was still fed and let out of exercise but was no longer the focus of my attention. This evening, I came home to find the dog dead in the kitchen. I feel like I wasted his life, we should have spent more time together.
Dear rain
Today, I am soaking wet. I am a builder and I have procrastinated on and on when it came to the constructing of the roof on the new house. It was such a big job and I did not want to do it yet, so I left it until last. This decision backfired on me. The rain set in and the forecast showed that it would not stop for weeks. Had I not procrastinated; I would be dry. As things are, I am working in the rain.
Dear Holiday
Today, I am sunbathing on my holiday in Spain. When I arrived, I realised that I had forgotten to buy an adapter plug to charge his phone and my laptop. The villa where I am staying is in the rural mountains, where there are no shops selling what I need. My desperation turned to innovation. I discovered joy in books. Who knew that reading could be so much fun?
Dear Eye
Today was the day of my eye test. This was my least favourite day. I hate the bit where they shine the light in my eye and fire a little puff of air into my pupil. On the way to the test, I pushed my mum’s steering wheel, forcing the car to get out of control, and crash into another vehicle. I do not need to go to the eye test now. It has been postponed.
Dear Friend
Today, I was betrayed. I only have one friend at work. That’s okay because I am their only friend too. Each day, we eat lunch together and gossip about the other workers. Today, they did not turn up for lunch, so I went alone. I saw them eating and gossiping with our other colleagues. Tomorrow, I are going to confront them.
Dear Homework
Today, I am in hospital. This morning, I had not done her homework and I was scared. The teachers always shouted at me, each time I forgot to do the assigned work. When I got into school, I faked being unwell, saying that I had a headache and felt ill. The nurse felt around my neck glands, so I pushed my tongue down, which forced a bulge in my neck. Although it was fake, she could not tell. I was rushed to hospital, to go through many gruelling tests. Perhaps I should have just done my homework to being with.
Dear Game
Today, I have a hangover. I am the star player on the team. After the game, which I had singlehandedly won for us, I was given the man of the match award. The club rules dictate that you have to down a jug of beer to yourself each time you win an award. This morning, when I woke up, all of my friends were gone, and I was naked on the side of the road. Next time, I will try not to play so well.
Dear Birthday
Today is my birthday. For my birthday, my friends took me out for a meal. Everyone ordered their food and, as it was a special occasion, I ordered steak and a bottle of champagne. The steak and champagne combination was truly memorable but not as memorable as what happened next. It turned out that my friends expected me to pay for the celebration. I was just laid off last week and had nothing in my wallet to pay the bill.

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