Teach the Babies

President Obama believes in quality early education as a solution to decreasing high school dropout rates.

President Obama traveled to the College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center in Decatur, Ga.,  to campaign on behalf of his education proposal. (Photo Courtesy of MSNBC)

by LaShunda Campbell

The United States has one of the highest dropout rates in the world. President Obama is taking great strides towards addressing our nation’s responsibility in preparing young people for lifelong learning. But a lack of teachers, as well as systematic societal barriers, is leaving young women and men of color behind. We need to address this as a community.

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Let’s Talk #2ndChances

Wisconsin #2ndChances Townhall

Re-enfranchisement of our community is important if we are to build power in this society. Join us tonight  at 6pm CT on Twitter for our #2ndChances Town Hall. We will discuss the importance of giving back the vote to those with prior criminal convictions and what it would do for communities of color.

In the past elections we realized just how much power we lost because of false information. We need people to know that if you are completely discharged from parole/probation you can vote. During this election season its important for us to make the connection between re-enfranchisement and elections. We all know politics guides our everyday lives. We need to harness the influence of election and those running for office to our advantage.


  • James Causey, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist and Wisconsin Black Media Association president
  • Pastor Walter Lanier,  Founder Great Lakes Urban Empowerment Center founder and attorney of law

Join the conversation by tweeting to the hashtag #2ndChances and let’s discuss building power, expanding the vote and how elections help us to do that.

Political Quick Hits: March 14th Edition

Political Quick Hits

Here’s your weekly quick look at few developing stories in the political arena:

  • President Obama this week appeared alongside comedian Zach Galifianakis in the actor’s mock talk-show called “Between Two Ferns.” The President took his healthcare message to the internet comedy show in a final push to get young people signed up for Obamacare. The video, hosted at the site Funny or Die, can be found by clicking here. Millions of people have seen the video and the government’s health care site saw a 40% jump in traffic 24 hours after the video. You have until March 31st to sign up for healthcare for 2014 through the exchanges. You can find out more and search for healthcare at

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