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Welcome to the Young Voters website! This is a platform for online voters’ registration.

We know that our generation is getting screwed up by a broken system and the leadership in our country. These things don’t represent our values.

We can choose to sit on the sidelines of our garage doors in Las Vegas and do nothing or we can join together and fight for a future that works for us. Did you know that last election year only 65% of American citizens are registered voters and only 40% of them cast their vote? If you vote and voice out your issues and interests, a fair economy with good-paying jobs, one of those being a Nevada garage door repairman, racial justice and full equality for all, an end to climate change denials and a reformed criminal justice system can be implemented by our government if we choose to vote, join and interfere.

Before the Young Voters Organization started, the elections in our country have raised serious questions about the low percentage of registered American voters who cast their votes. Do they really care about what is happening in the country now? Why is it that the youth only has 25% of registered voters? This is the biggest problem we are facing right now. Recently, there is only one country which implemented an online voters’ registration and that makes us a question if this tool using social media might have a good effect on voters. We observed in that country if they will succeed in their plan. It seems this technique is an evocative example of what happens when you completely neglect social media. That is how the Young Voters Organization steps in, we utilize this incredible method to encourage young voters to vote and activate them to participate in the election.

As we’ve seen during this process, more and more young voters are now expressing their interests in political issues. Young people increasingly turn to social media sites to become a source of information regarding the upcoming elections. In particular, these social sites have become popular among young voters to express political views and show support for the causes they care about. Every year, voting registration has slowly increased and for that, we prove that only social media is the way to motivate them to vote.

In addition, to encourage the youth to vote, we don’t just use our site for voters’ registration. Nevertheless, concerts, major festivals, and campuses are the target of Young Voters Organization to pull this off. We partnered with some concert promoters, festival organizers and campuses to make this mission happens.

Please keep browsing to learn more about us and see what Young Voters Organization has to offer. To receive news about politics and voting updates, kindly register to our site. For questions and concerns, please check our contact page and know how to connect with us.

Choose to fight. Choose to join. Choose to speak out. Choose to interfere. Choose to vote. This is your right. This is your future. This is your country. Register now and cast your vote. One vote can change everything.

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