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[TOMORROW] #Ignite2012 Cincinnati: Get Your Registration On!

Set your alarm reminders for 3 p.m. EST tomorrow because  #Ignite2012 is coming to Cincinnati for National Voter Registration Day!  In, 6 million Americans did not vote because they missed a voter registration deadline. #Ignite2012 is bringing together national recording artists, dynamic bloggers and local leaders to educate young Millennials about what’s happening in their communities, especially about critical topics like voter suppression.

Join hip-hop culture experts - Kim Osorio, Dream Hampton, Janee Bolden, Chuck Creekmur, Jasiri X, Biko Baker, Andreas Hale, Paradise Gray, and Malik Rhasaan- as they hit the stage at  Elementz Hip Hop Center to talk about hip-hop and politics. Tune in to Ignite2012 on September 25, at 3PM ET for a livestreaming discussion and Q&A session. We will also be hosting an on-site voter registration drive!

Have a question for the panelists? Want to know your voter eligibility status? Tweet for more information and we would be glad to answer your questions during the live broadcast. Feel free to tweet any questions or concerns to before and during the live stream using the hashtag #Ignite2012.  

Voting Rights Attacked In Ohio (Again)

Lawmakers in Ohio seem to be using every trick up their sleeve to make sure African Americans don’t get to vote in November’s election. Last year, they tried to suppress voting rights by passing a restrictive Voter ID law. Since that got turned down, lawmakers tried this week to deny adequate voting hours to counties that are largely African-American.

It was no problem to approve extended early voting hours in the mostly Caucasian (and Republican) counties of Warren and Butler counties. But Republican legislators tried to block extended hours in majority African-American counties like Hamilton and Cuyahoga.

Fortunately, this attempt at voter suppression didn’t work entirely; Secretary of State John Usted announced today that voting hours will be standardized across the state. However, there will still be not early voting in the three days leading up to the election, which will affect the hundreds of African American churchgoers who would have voted the Sunday before Election Day as part of the “Souls To The Polls” initiative.

This won’t be the last attempt at voter suppression that we see this year. We can’t predict what they’ll try next, but we can make sure that every African American in Hamilton County is registered and knows where and how to vote.

Can you donate $10 to help the League protect the voting rights of the people of Cincinnati?

We’re back in Cincinnati!

The League is proud to announce that we’ve returned to Cincinatti, Ohio! In this hotly contested swing state, strong turnout from youth and African American voters could determine election results, but low-income communities of color are still under-resourced by the major political campaigns.

In the neighborhoods where you won’t see Presidential campaigns canvassing, look out for League of Young Voters volunteers, in their signature Kelly green polos emblazoned with the group’s Lady Liberty logo. The League’s goal is to increase voter turnout in the African American community by 5%, and we’ll accomplish that goal by reaching out to those who are least likely to vote, combining traditional field organizing with cutting-edge social technology and entertainment events to make voter participation fun and meaningful for this under-served demographic.

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Are You Listening? By Christopher Miller Jr.

So we asked for the artist to come out and they showed up! After election season the real fun starts with the League. Now that we have gotten people to the polls, we are working on getting people to the stage! Here is a piece written by Christopher Miller Jr. about what he sees when he looks out the window.  Submit your art HERE.

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It is time to unleash the Columbus art scene on the world!

I may have never discovered the world of organizing had I not discovered the Columbus urban performing arts scene. What I discovered was passionately poetic people in an environment that was both thought-provoking and fulfilling. Finding a platform to express myself artistically is the #1 reason that I decided to start this program!

Now, I would like to help introduce you to the world. We have already received some of Columbus’ finest spoken words and hip-hop artists and we are still accepting more!

If you’ve got talent and want to get it promoted, e-mail me your submissions.

We are looking for the real. How do you see the world? What is really going on? What is really good?

The Ohio League of Young Voters Education Fund is screaming #LetsMakeOurStory and we are preparing to turn to #Chapter2012.

Together, we write Our story. Divided, we are history!