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#BarackTalk: League of Young Voters to Host State of the Union Ustream

President Obama Addresses the Nation and the Rising American Electorate Talks Back

BROOKLYN, NY, January 31, – In his second Inaugural Address, President Obama declared a progressive mandate, calling for action on climate change, marriage equality and immigration reform. On Feb. 12, youth leaders head to Washington, D.C. to set the tone for the president’s State of the Union address. #BarackTalk, an interactive State of the Union watch party and online discussion, will broadcast live on Ustream from the heart of the nation’s capital, at the legendary cultural space, Busboys and Poets.

“Millions of Americans will watch online as President Obama delivers his fourth State of the Union Address,” Biko Baker, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters, said. “We’re harnessing cutting-edge streaming technology to let people nationwide talk back in real time.”

With Congress’ public approval ratings at an all-time low, the State of the Union will play an important role in establishing the agenda for the second term of the Obama administration. #BarackTalk is an opportunity for America’s young voters and seasoned activists to come together around their vision for change, critiquing Obama’s address and forming new connections to advance a policy agenda.

In, more than 33,000 viewers tuned in to#BarackTalk and the event featured Tweets from notable figures such as Goldie Taylor from MSNBC, Snoop Dogg and Rhymefest. The rise of the League of Young Voters’ online programming network, YoungVoter, was formalized with an official partnership with Ustream.TV, the premiere live broadcasting platform.

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#MorningStatus: LIVE chat on Immigration

LIVE from the Inauguration: Jan. 21st, 8:30 AM ET

talkingpointsStarting this Monday, the League and the Generational Alliance will be a launching a weekly Ustream show. Hosted by Carmen Berkeley, “Talking Points” will focus on the important issues and causes captivating the nation’s capital.

Follow our UStream channel for the alert from when we go live from DC on Monday for the special Inauguration launch show. 

We’ll be joined be Ethan Roeder of New Organizing Institute, Jamira Burley of Philadelphia Youth Commission, Ryan Ford of Cashmere Agency, and Shaunna Thomas of Ultraviolet, and Gregory Cendana of APALA.

Political Quick Hits: January 18th Edition

Here’s your weekly quick look at few developing stories in the political arena:

  • On Wednesday, President Obama gave his proposal to Congress on measures which are intended to reduce gun violence in America. Some of the key measures included: a ban on assault weapons, a ban on high-capacity magazines (anything that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition), universal background checks, and mental health measures. President Obama’s proposal is considered a long shot to pass in the Republican-controlled House and even the Democratic-controlled Senate. However, President Obama did announce 23 executive actions that he will take in regards to gun control while still calling on Congress to pass his other proposal. (CNN) Read the full Obama proposal HERE.

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