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What Happens When 33,000 Young People Show up to Talk Politics?

With your help, we can change the mainstream narrative. They say young people are apathetic about politics, or too lazy to show up. 33,000 young people tuned in to #BarackTalk to prove them wrong!

Will you help us sustain the energy?

Support our mission to register thousands of new voters!

On Tuesday, January 24th, the League put on #BarackTalk, our second annual State of the Union panel and watch party. From hip-hop stars to journalists, the panelists discussed some of the most pressing issues of our time in the context of the speech. More importantly, twenty-somethings from around the country tweeted at a mind-blowing rate about what the state of our union is.

From unemployment to college affordability to the prison industrial complex, you spoke up; and when 33,000 people get together, the powers that be can’t afford not to listen.

What makes politicians quake in their boots is that we don’t simply pay attention to what’s going on it our world. We vote.

(Don’t forget, if you need to update your voter registration to your new address, do it online right now).

Missed the live broadcast? Check it out here.

#UnF_ckTheWorld Mixtape Volume. 1 Drops: FowL Debuts #UnF_ckDetroit

[FREE DOWNLOAD HERE], in partnership with Rock The Vote and Green For All, dropped the first installment in the “Generation Next: #UnF_cktheWorld” series on January 3. UnF_ckDetroit is volume 1 of the mixtape series, featuring FowL and produced by DJ Willie Shakes.

Crowned the Red Bull Emsee champion by rapper Eminem, the mixtape features the 20-year-old Detroit rapper FowL. In an effort to get young urban voters revved up and activated around the election season, LYVEF will release a series of four mixtapes, where each will focus on individual cities.