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It’s Time to Hit the Streets

Stand up today for voting rights by signing up to be part of the movement in your community. We’re hitting the streets this summer and talking to people in our neighborhoods 7 days a week. Come join the party - whether it’s for one afternoon or the rest of the summer!

Getting an ID can be rough, but it’s more fun to do with friends. We’ll save them a spot on the bus if you sign up together:


The new Voter ID law in Wisconsin will disenfranchise nearly 200,000 voters. The requirement is intended to silence an entire demographic of voters and change election outcomes. We’re getting organized and making sure our voice is heard.

Video Exposes Complicated Process to get Voter ID

This week our organizers have been at the Milwaukee DMV scouting out potential barriers to a massive Voter ID drive, and I have to tell you, it’s not going to be easy. We were initially under the impression that anybody, including those that had recently moved or lost their IDs would be able to get free ones, but that’s not the case. Romero and Ken from the WI-League ran a test run at the DMV and they came up short.

We are going to still beat this thing, but it’s going to take some good old fashion organizing. So far this summer we’ve ID about 2,000 people who are interested in learning more about our Voter ID campaign. We can’t do it alone though and we need all the help that we can get to make sure that every vote counts.

We’re hitting up neighborhoods all over Milwaukee every day to get the word out. Sign up here to stand up and help young people get the IDs they need.

Tune in: Live Broadcast Wednesday, 7/20

Paradise Gray and Jasiri X Will Host a Live Discussion on Police Brutality

Every week, a new story emerges of a local community rocked by police violence. These stories typically follow a similar pattern: a young man of color, alleged to be carrying a weapon that is never recovered, gunned down by police officers in a mysterious altercation that, too often, disappears under a mountain of police pressure and legal mismanagement. Taken individually, these stories are surreal tragedies; viewed as a whole, they reveal a disturbing pattern of police abuse and a serious need for a commitment to a 180-degree makeover of community police procedures. This conversation will be a chance for us to work together as activists and Americans to discuss ways to rebuild the trust between police departments and the communities that they are sworn to protect.

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