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Voter Reg Volunteer Drive, Saturday, July 31st!

Come out and make a difference in Columbus!

Saturday, July 31st
St. Peters Church
1763 Cleveland Avenue
10am - 2pm

Facebook Event - RSVP

Hosted by Kwesi Low and featuring hip hop artist Rasul the Knowbody
Beverages and Snacks will be provided

Kwesi Low heads the Columbus League

Kwesi Low, Ohio Coordinator

Kwesi Low, Ohio Coordinator

Columbus, OH - Based in Columbus since, LYVEF Ohio has had strong community and campus chapters around the state, especially in Toledo and Cincinnati, which have risen and fallen with funding capacity. Over the years, LYVEF Ohio has focused on college access and affordability, economic and social justice issues, as well as nonpartisan voter registration, GOTV, election protection and election administration. In, LYVEF Ohio focused on green jobs, gun violence, and affordable house and recreation programs for youth. We will continue to build and strengthen our states wide coalition and do sufficient trainings to have our constituents doing lobbying on the state level by midyear. We also worked to list build and register voters in preparation for the midterm elections, as well as promote participation in the census. In February we hired on Kwesi Low as a community organizer in Columbus, Ohio as part of our State Based Apprenticeship Program to ramp-up our civic engagement and census activities.

In, LYVEF OH will focus on green jobs, gun violence, and affordable house and recreation programs for youth. In the first two quarters of, Kwesi ran a Census participation campaign with a goal of contacting 3,000 young people in Columbus and surrounding areas.

Our E.D. Biko Baker MC’s at Netroots Nation

Biko Baker, Executive Director of, was on the seen at Netroots Nation, participating in two fascinating panels that are viewable online, right now:

Mobilizing the “Forgotten Half” Outreach Strategies for NonCollege Youth

Mobilizing the Urban Blogosphere

Help us win $50,000

We’ve joined with 9 other progressive 501c3s, including the United States Student Association, Keystone Progress and the Inner City Law Center to sweep Pepsi’s Refresh Everything contest in August.

We’re all in the running for a total of over $500,000 in grants, and all you have to do to get involved is sign up to be a daily voter right here. LYVEF will use our $50,000 piece of the pie to register thousands of new voters and get the word out about the importance of youth participation in the November Elections.

Sign up to be a daily voter right here! It takes 2 minutes.