Young Voters is a nonpartisan organization. All we want is for you to vote and we make this thing easy for you. We place our voters’ registration in an area where many young voters go. Vote and voice out your issues that we are facing right now. Check all the services we offer here:

Voter Registration
The Young Voters Organization makes it easy for you to register wherever you are in the world. If you have no time to go to your registration area or you are a military voter and an American citizen who live abroad, this is your chance to register online.

Volunteer Pool
For those who want an exciting way to get involved in politics, this is your time to express your interest. Join our organization as a volunteer in the nearest city in your area. Whenever there are concerts or major festival, Young Voters is usually there to encourage people to register to be able for them to vote in the upcoming election. Join us now!

The Young Voters Organization releases news regularly on this site that tackles youth voters, events, media clips and more. For press inquiries or to be added to our list in media, please contact our media director at the email account we’ve provided in the contact section of this site.

Verification of your Registration and Finding your Polling Precinct

In some states, finding your polling place and verifying your registration are allowed to do those things online. To check your status, go to the Verification and Polling Precinct page, select your state and follow the directions given.

Issues and Candidates
Before going to your polling place and casting your vote, know your candidate first. Learn about about them, their platforms and the issues they are facing. By clicking the Issues and Candidates section, you will find articles about the candidates.

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