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What is the Young Voters Organization?
The Young Voters Organization is a nonpartisan organization. We stage voters’ registration drives at any place in the country especially in events where young people participated in. We run programs as well that will translate our mission to the public especially to our youth. We make participation to voters’ registration easy and fun in order to reach out to the youth for them to know the real sense of who we are and what are the purposes of our organization.

How can I make a donation?
Use the secure online form provided by the Young Voters Organization or visit our headquarters located in Las Vegas. For further details, kindly email us.

How can I sign-up to volunteer at Young Voters?
Complete the online form provided by the Young Voters Organization, indicate your volunteer preferences. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you promptly to discuss the opportunities that match your preferences and provide you with other information about us.

What has Young Voters pulled off already?
We’ve registered hundreds of thousands of young voters already since we started and built a huge volunteer nationwide with 10,000 youths. You can always find us at any events such as concerts, programs, and major festivals, universities, and campuses.

How does Young Voters Organization works?
We teamed up with concerts promoters, major festival organizers, and volunteers. We have teams that focus on streets program in major cities in the country to perform our duties to encourage the youth to vote, interfere and voice out your issues and interests.

Can I vote online?
Yes, some states offer online registration. We prepared voters registration forms for those American citizens living or working overseas and uniformed military voters. Just fill out the voter registration form and submit it to us, please wait for a few minutes for the confirmation. Voter registration may take a few minutes to complete.

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