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A Summer to Die For: A Country Held at Gunpoint #PutTheGunsDown

By Jamira Burley, panelist at #IgnitePhilly –

Days like these, with the feel of sweat rolling down your back.

The sound of Mr. Softie playing in the background and little kids playing hop scotch on cracked pavements; unaware of the danger that may be lurking behind every corner, sidewalk and alley way

Then out of nowhere, without warning or justification, bullets are flying in every direction. Marking an unsuspected victim for death.

Jump ropes are dropped in mid-swing, basketballs are left to roll into oncoming traffic and the only sound left is the pinching cries of a mother holding her baby, as she becomes just another victim of violence.

Stories like those are happening every single day in America, where young people are dying before they are even old enough to vote. Where the price of leaving your home, may mean death. So summer days like these are exterminating our youth, many of who are lacking for opportunities and safe places to play.

We lose more Americans to violence on our own city streets, than on the battlegrounds of war. We have made kid soldiers out of our youth, criminals out of the disadvantaged and funeral attendees out of us all.

Guns are becoming more accessible than textbooks and supermarkets. Yet we continue to serve them up to the unfit and unqualified, which are resulting in mass murders and mass shootings.

Have we not learned anything since the hundreds of victims we have lost since Tucson or the hundreds of thousands we’ve lost prior to?

The body count continues.

Gravesites don’t lie and bullets end lives.

Yet,  presidential candidates and politicians on both the national and local level  are afraid of the political backlash from gun manufactures, wholesalers and lobbyists to speak up.

Neither presidential candidate has yet to propose any policy that restricts illegal firearm sales but both seek our vote come November.

I wonder, if either President Obama or Republican nominee Mitt Romney have thought about the fact that if America sticks with the current problem, at least  34 Americans will die before or after they’re able to cast their vote.

Yet still they continue to remain silent, even after a mass shooting in Colorado and even after the shooting numbers continue to climb for cities like Chicago.

Like many of you, I was wondering why? As always we have to follow the money. In this case, gun-friendly organizations like the NRA, pumps millions of dollars into campaigns every year. Money that can very well weaken or end a political career, so wonder no more. Politicians are choosing to stay silent because their afraid of being politically shot by powerful organizations who can raise money fast and organize people even faster.

When did our safety become so cheap, when did the life of a human being become so meaningless?

At any time, we could all be faced with the barrel of a gun, just don’t expect our elected officials to save us.

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