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It’s nice to know that you’re here to find out a little more about us. Read on.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Young Voters Organization is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization founded in 2005. The Young Voters Organization focuses on Youth Empowerment and Education. We reach out to young voters in the place where they are such as campuses, universities, concerts, and festivals, to encourage them to register. We want you to speak to be heard. This is the only message of Young Voters Organization to be sent to all of you and not about what party you supported or what issues you’re passionate with.

Since Young Voters began in 2005, the site began has grown by leaps and bounds. It now has hundreds of articles featured on this site, hundreds of thousands of registered voters and almost 10,000 volunteers. Our organization is featured in some magazines and television as well.

We believe that every individual can be a leader in social movements and active collaborators in every phase of our work. Therefore, we also use individuals and events like concerts and festivals and focusing on harnessing that ability to make our mission happen. Our objective is to inspire them to vote and be heard. We teamed up with concerts promoters, universities and festival organizers and volunteers. Whenever there are concerts in every city, we are there to register voters. We also work directly with some universities and festival organizers and partners to help extend our reach to young voters.

Our board of directors include educators, political analysts, music heavyweights, and journalists. The engine of Young Voters is composed of all volunteers. We are proud of our volunteers because they are consistently getting noticed for their exceptional work ethics, skills and abilities. All the volunteers of Young Voters are getting a chance to see many concerts and meet cool and nice people who share the love for democracy. If you’d like to join them, visit our volunteer page.

Thank you for your time!

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